I have just found a follow-up to my wonderful father’s statement that “You have every right to disagree, but you have no right to be disagreeable,” and it is found in an article by Lawrence W. Reed in the June 26 to July 2 edition of The Epoch Times. The title of the article is “16 Things Individuals Can Do to Help Bring America Together.” Mr. Reed starts by stating the obvious that Americans are angry and divided, but then suggests his sixteen remedies which will help to bring all of us together.

I cannot set forth Mr. Reed’s entire list because that would both take too much space and even border on plagiarism, but the thrust of his suggestions is for all of us to start an honest dialogue with someone who disagrees with us, to understand that our country certainly is not perfect but it still stands out as becoming more so, not to have our lives consumed by politics, and to attempt to set an example of integrity in our everyday lives. So I recommend that you get and read a copy of his article. Particularly at this time in our history, we need people to stand up for liberty, and away from force, conflict, compulsion and intolerance. And Lawrence Reed nails it!

Question for the week: What do you call a man who likes to tell “Dad” jokes, but who has no children? Answer: A Faux Pa . . .

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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