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Guiding our young people is one of the most important obligations of a society. But that guidance is often more effective if it comes from their peers instead of from us older types. So this musical takes some lessons learned from our “Peer Court” that focus on what success and “style” really are. full length version was performed by Vanguard University of Southern California in 2012, and this abridged version was performed by Irvine High School in 2004.  And, BTW, if any of the schools or theaters in your area would like to perform this show, have them contact me. There will be no royalty fees charged if the contact comes through my website. Please enjoy!

A message from Judge Jim Gray about his musical and continuing music programs in our schools. The video also has the song “Americans All © ” performed by the Irvine High School singers with a few comments from the performers.Judge Gray asks all of us to continue review your own commitment to mentor you kids in a positive way and believes music can be effective in doing that.

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Book, Music, and Lyrics by Judge James P. Gray

(Duration: 50 minutes; Cast: 7 men, 7 women, flexible cast, 14 total)


It’s a play, it’s a musical, it’s an inspirational show set in the high school classroom that shares the importance of staying in school through music, dialogue, and poetry. With a minimal set, this is a fun and entertaining musical experience that can travel to any school. It will leave a real, lasting, and positive message that will be well received by students as well as their teachers and parents.

Almost all of the roles can be played either by males or females. The dialogue teaches values, ethics and how best to be who you are. The lyrics and music flow non-stop with piano accompaniment. Americans All © reminds us of the tremendous good we can all do with a positive outlook and the smallest of actions.


Author’s Notes:

The “condensed version” of this show has been produced on four occasions by the performers at Irvine High School in Irvine, California. They took the show on the road and performed it at two local intermediate schools. Almost all of the 12-to-30 roles can be played either by males or females. Here are some comments from the teachers from the host intermediate schools:

“My kids loved it; they were just wowed!”

“The show offered so much to all – not just vocal curricula…the values that were handled on stage are our middle school values.”

“Our kids came away with sooo much.”

“Wonderfully honest!”