This is Judge Jim Gray, and I welcome you to this Website! As I often say both in writing and in my talks, I don’t purport to “have all of the answers,” but we should be able to discuss anything! That is what you will find with my Articles, Blogs and Videos. Plus, as you will see and hear with my two musicals “Americans All” and “Convention,” we also have some fun along the way. So please give these issues some thought and discuss them with your family and friends, and join in the fun. And Feedback is always appreciated!

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I still can’t get this out of my mind. My guest on the November 8, 2019 edition of my podcast All Rise! The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray on the Variety Channel of was an attorney named Justin Brooks, who is the Director of “The Innocence Project” in San Diego. This is a group that pursues the cases of convicted felons who convince them that they are factually innocent of the offenses for which they are serving time.


We must unite to solve Police Issues

We must unite to solve Police IssuesThere comes a time when all Americans of goodwill must take a stand about the dissension now existing in our country. And the first thing that must be said here is that, unless my eyes were deceiving me, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis...

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One Man’s Libertarian Whitepaper

ONE MAN’S LIBERTARIAN WHITEPAPERAlthough I understand that no one speaks for the Libertarian Party, it is fair to say that, unlike the Democrats and Republicans, Libertarians are not special-interest driven. It is a grass roots movement that relies upon individuals who believe in the principles of...

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Blunt Force

In this January 31, 2020 article the Los Angeles Daily Journal profiles Judge Gray as a private mediator in Southern California with the byline of “James Gray and attorneys agree the retired judge is unafraid to speak honestly to all parties.

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Gray Matters

The Orange County Lawyer magazine celebrated Judge Gray’s being awarded the Orange County Bar Association’s highest honor in January 2020, which is its Lifetime Achievement Award.

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To our 2 Paragraphs Family,

Just to let you know, on each Tuesday evening this coming September at 7:00 p.m. I will be hosting a podcast on Zoom, YouTube and Facebook entitled “Libertarian Views with Judge James Gray.” The general subjects for the five shows are: Sept. 1: Introduction to Libertarian Views; Sept. 8: School Choice; Sept. 15: Going to War; Sept. 22: Healthcare; and, Sept. 29: Free Markets vs. Entitlements.

Please put these on your calendars if you would like to attend, and there will be an opportunity for questions.

What is a Libertarian? Ask Thomas Jefferson, a prototype Libertarian, who said: “I don’t care if you worship one God, twenty gods or no god: it doesn’t pick my pocket or break my leg.” So, actually, most of you are also Libertarians: financially responsible and socially believe in “Live and Let Live.” “Don’t Tread on Me?” How about “Don’t Tread on Anybody!” If you have more questions, scroll through the articles, blogs and videos in this website for more information. And if you still have questions, contact me directly.

About Jim Gray

Cited on numerous occasions for his work in the areas of both social reform and civic philanthropy, Judge James P. Gray is a retired judge for the Superior Court of Orange County, and is now a mediator, arbitrator and discovery referee in Souther California for ADR Services, inc.

Judge Gray was appointed to the Santa Ana Municipal Court in 1983 by Governor George Deukmejian, and in 1989, Deukmejian elevated Gray to his post with the Superior Court.

Throughout his decades-long career within the legal and judicial community, Jim Gray has not only donated hundreds of hours of volunteer time to existing community service-oriented activities, he also has created and implemented a number of innovative programs of his own, each one a success story in itself.

For instance, it was Jim Gray who introduced Orange County to the Peer Court System, where juvenile defendants travel to a school outside their district to have their actual cases tried by other teenagers.

Gray, who also has worked closely with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, helped form a MADDDUI panel in 1987 whereby defendants were made to listen as victims of drunk driving told their heartbreaking stories. This program is ongoing and has been recognized as one of the most effective within the MADD organization and the court system. Along these lines, as a member of the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Program’s Drinking Driving Program Advisory Committee, he recommended treatment programs to combat the DUI problem. To that end, he helped establish a program whereby youthful offenders of drunk driving laws were sentenced to visit the Western Medical Trauma Center. Still today, these youngsters are made to witness the devastating injuries of drunk driving victims. This program is also cosponsored by the Volunteer Center of Orange County, where Gray has served as a board member.