All households must budget to stay within their means. Why? Because otherwise they will go bankrupt, which will cause all of the family members substantial and prolonged despair. But our federal government can play by different rules, and it does! For years it has been spending more money than it takes in. How can the government get away with that? It simply prints more money, which causes Inflation. And this is a hidden tax upon all of us who live here.

As we have seen and are seeing, prices are rising today on just about everything: goods, services, food, apartments, everything! But the federal government is run more by politics than financial responsibility, so its actions will not change until we voters make it change! I already told you that when I was in a debate back in 2020 while running for the Libertarian nomination for President I told the audience that I had become a granddaddy just two weeks before. Applause. And when I first held my grandson in my arms one week before I looked down at him and thought to myself “Hudson, what a miracle of birth.” But literally my second thought was: “Hudson, with the government deficit you are $85,000 in debt: Pay Up!” People of my generation are basically financially secure, but most of our children are in serious financial trouble with this government deficit. And our grandchildren are bankrupt! Is this what we want our legacy to be for our families? Our federal government can simply continue on its present course, and the politicians that voted for it will be out of office when our descendants will be forced to confront what they have done. Let us not let that happen. Elections are coming up. Demand that our elected officials require the federal government to balance its budget – each year! Our grandchildren are entitled to nothing less!

Ancient Proverb for the week: “Trust in God, but Tie Up Your Camel.”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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