A few years ago I read a Thanksgiving prayer penned by the original “Dear Abby.” It continues to stay with me to the degree that I wanted to share it with our wonderful “2 Paragraphs” Family on this
Thanksgiving weekend. So here it is:

“Oh, Heavenly Father, We thank Thee for food and remember the hungry. We thank Thee for health and remember the sick. We thank Thee for friends and remember the friendless. We thank Thee for freedom and remember the enslaved.

May these remembrances stir us to service. That Thy gifts to us may be used for others.


To which I also say Amen.

In my view Appreciation of the benefits of who we are, where we are and how we live is fundamentally important in living a just and meaningful life. And Dear Abby has helped me in my attempts to do so. May this prayer do the same for us all.

Life is Good!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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