Right after the 2020 elections, this column strongly proposed that Congress establish a transparently-neutral commission, probably comprised of retired judges, to investigate all allegations of fraud and suppression of information in and during our nation’s elections and then to disclose publicly its findings on those issues, regardless of where they lead us. A similar recommendation was proposed regarding what actually happened on January 6, 2021 at the our nation’s Capitol. Why? Because it is fundamentally important for our country not only to have free and fair elections, but for all concerned to believe that they were free and fair. The same is true regarding any possible criminal conduct that took place on January 6. So openness and transparency are key!

When I became a federal prosecutor in California, it was highlighted to me – again and again – that I should always do the right thing for the right reason. Certainly mistakes will be made, but if I was attempting to do the right thing, they would “have my back.” On the other hand, if we were to allow politics, personal feelings, or any other inappropriate motivations to affect our prosecutorial decisions, we would be held accountable. And, by the way, the same thing is true for other law enforcement officers. Regretfully/even damningly, today our country’s Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation are considered by many people to have been politicized. This cannot be allowed to persist, and transparency is the main way to combat it. That means, for example, that all court proceedings regarding former President Trump must be broadcast live to the public. And a transparently neutral special prosecutor must be appointed to investigate the allegations of Hunter Biden’s involvements with foreign governments that resulted in payments being made to him and his family. And, once again, the results – regardless of where they lead us – must be made public. Our nation will crumble if we believe that anyone is held to be above — or below – the law. And it is transparency in our institutions – particularly in our justice and voting systems – that will most prevent that from happening!

Stat for the week taken from The Nature Conservancy comments of “Small Wonders:” The National Academy of Sciences estimates that 20 quadrillion ants roam the Earth at any given time. That means that there are 12 megatons of dry carbon in that many ant bodies, which gives them a biomass weighing more than all wild birds and mammal in the world combined!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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