Recently I went to Costco to purchase some new contact lenses and eyeglasses, but was told that if my prescription was more than a year old I had to get a new eye exam from an optometrist. Why? Because “that’s the law in California.” How stupid! Who is in a better position to determine if my present contacts and eyeglasses prescriptions are still satisfactory, me or the government? But the bottom line is that optometrists have a good political lobby group. And, of course, the purpose is not to protect or serve the consumer, but is instead for optometrists to make more money.

The same thing is true for patients to be forced to get a medical doctor’s prescription before they can get physical therapy paid for by Medicare. Similarly, before we can get a three-month supply of flea medication, our dog is required to have a physical examination by a veterinarian. So medical doctors and veterinarians appear to have good political lobby groups as well. Of course, a prescription is not required to see a chiropractor or receive acupuncture treatments. That simply shows that all of those professionals are more effective at political lobbying than physical therapists. So I have an idea, let’s all work to stop politicians from meddling in our medical profession!

Quote from the novelist Agatha Christie: “I am increasingly glad I married an archeologist. Each year I as get older he is more interested in me.”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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