So time and again when people are talking politics the subject comes up about the “income disparity” in our country between the wealthy and the lower economic wage earners. But that is simply a false issue. The issue is not income disparity but is instead whether the lower economic classes are better off now than they were in the past. Think of it this way, and we have all been there: You are driving your car and are waiting at a red traffic light and someone on a motorcycle splits lanes and moves to the front of the line. Then the light turns green and the motorcycle speeds ahead. Is that unfair? Actually it is not. Why? Because it doesn’t hurt the other people in line. That is the key. Same thing when comparing the rest of us with Bill Gates. Just because Mr. Gates has and earns much more money than we do does not mean that we have been hurt, or that we have a legitimate complaint. (Although, as stated several times in these columns, I would impliment an economic Safety Net below which we would not allow any citizen or Green Card holder in our country to fall.)

As I have also said numbers of times, I am not a supporter of former President Donald Trump. But one under-appreciated thing that occurred under his administration was that, on average, the lower wage earners earned more money than they ever had before. If the Bill Gates of this world did as well, fine, but that is irrelevant. Politicians don’t talk about this because they are pandering to the voters. But every once in a while we should promote honesty in our elections, and recognize what are real as opposed to false political issues – and sound off about them!

Thought for the week: You know you’re a bad driver when Siri says “In 400 feet stop and let me out!”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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