Okay, I will acknowledge right up front that I am not particularly knowledgeable about the Ukraine.  (And I probably have lots of company.)  And I will also state openly that I believe Vladimir Putin is an untrustworthy thug.  (President Reagan’s “Trust but Verify” is certainly applicable to him!)  But, having said those things, I want to remind our fellow countrypeople, as well as our government, that Putin has a point regarding the Ukraine.  Remember back in the Fall of 1962 when we were told that the (then) Soviet Union was placing nuclear missiles in Cuba – “just 90 miles off our coast!”?  And we were prepared to go to war with the Soviet Union for instigating this threat to our security!  Well, that is what, in part, Putin is now saying to us!  Most Russians constantly remember that their country has been attacked and invaded by Germany and others, and they would rightly feel vulnerable if we or anyone else were to place missiles in countries that are on their borders.  Wouldn’t we feel the same way? 


So what should be done?  I suggest that our government promise, by treaty, that we will not place any missiles in any of the countries that were previously a part of the Soviet Union which are on their borders.  And that should be in exchange for Russia’s agreement by treaty not to interfere in these countries’ independence. That would very likely remove this present conflict in the Ukraine because it would both satisfy a major and legitimate Russian concern and also give Putin a political out.  Trade with these countries?  Sure!  Make better contacts and agreements with them?  Certainly!  But putting missiles in those countries that could/would be trained upon Russia?  No, this would be the wrong thing to do, and Russia is rightfully fearful of that situation.  We have discretion in these matters, and we should always use it to understand the points of view and fears of other countries when we are making our decisions.

Thought for the week:  The person who doesn’t need a boss is usually the person who is selected to be one.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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