As you know, last week’s edition outlined some of the many reasons why California Governor Gavin Newsom should be recalled in the upcoming September 14, 2021 election. But who would be the best replacement? That is an easy question to answer: Libertarian Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt! Why is that? It is based upon his practical experience both as a founder of his own construction company and as a public servant, as well as his demonstrated, practical and principled leadership. So this time let me count the reasons why Jeff Hewitt is truly the right person for this critical job at this crucial time:

  • Supervisor Jeff Hewitt is a third-generation Californian.
  • While still in college, Hewitt started his own contracting company by creating new applications for existing technology, eventually applying what he learned to excavation, electrical and plumbing in the pool construction business he founded. Thus Jeff Hewitt has shown himself to be a successful businessman who is financially responsible and works well with people at all levels of society.
  • Jeff Hewitt began his public service in 2004 when he was appointed to the City of Calimesa’s Planning Commission. Then he was elected to Calimesa’s City Council in 2010, where he served four terms, including two as Mayor. Then in 2018 he was elected to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.
  • Supervisor Hewitt has been a leading critic of Governor Newsom’s arbitrary pandemic restrictions on businesses and schools, and he offers a practical but safe plan to speed up the re-opening of our economy that puts business owners, local school districts and their customers in charge.
  • Supervisor Jeff Hewitt is a man of integrity and service, as this truly refreshing quote demonstrates: “I will save us hundreds of millions of dollars a year with one simple moral act: I will take full responsibility for my decisions.”
  • Supervisor Hewitt led Riverside County’s movement to regain financial stability regarding its public pension management program. Now his approach is being copied by several other cities.
  • Supervisor Hewitt speaks excellent Spanish, and was described by San Gorgonio Pass Water Agency Treasurer Mickey Valdivia as being the same person to all, while spearheading a mobile vaccination unit to seniors and being “unwavering” during the pandemic.
  • Of truly critical importance, Supervisor Jeff Hewitt is not a member of either the Republican or Democratic Parties, so he will not be involved in the “tribal” bickerings and in-fightings that we so often are seeing between those two more dominant parties. As he puts it: “I can go ahead and talk with and deliver things to all Californians.” And it is true!
  • Supervisor Jeff Hewitt has demonstrated the courage of his convictions by voting against most of Riverside County’s sweetheart labor deals with their public employees’ unions.
  • Supervisor Hewitt has a calling. As he puts it: “This state no longer accommodates dreams, fosters ideas or solves problems.” He is running for Governor to change that reality!

So what issues are high on Supervisor Jeff Hewitt’s list of priorities for California?

  • Apply the same financially responsible approaches that have been successful in Riverside County to California’s public pension management crisis.
  • Provide Educational Savings Accounts for all K through 12 students in California because, as he says, “Our schools have failed us in unacceptable ways.”
  • Upgrade California’s water systems, including the building of new reservoirs.
  • Reduce red tape and fees for developers, which will jumpstart the production of homes across the state, reduce homelessness and create jobs.

In summary, California is crying out for an experienced, practical and principled leader who will be a Governor for all of the people in this state!  And Libertarian Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Hewitt is exactly the right person for this position at this crucial time in our history.  And he can win!  Once Newsom is recalled, all one needs is one more vote than any other candidate.  And, since there are not any established Democrats in the race, the Republican votes will be split among many candidates, and virtually no Democrat will vote for a Republican but would surely vote for a principled and experienced Libertarian, Jeff Hewitt is the likely winner!  So please support Supervisor Hewitt, and encourage your friends and other acquaintances to do the same.  I know that all of the people of California soon will be glad that you did!

Quote for the week: “Only if we understand, can we care.  Only if we care, will we help.”  Legendary Conservationist Jane Goodall

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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