Well, there has been a development: five days ago my wonderful wife Grace told me that she felt that the recall of Governor Newsom would probably make the ballot and that he should be recalled for what he has done, and that I would be a great consensus candidate to replace him if I ran as the Libertarian candidate for Governor. I was in the Peace Corps: I care about people. And as a trial court judge for 25 years, I was in the responsibility business – which is crucially important in a successful society and in too many ways missing today! So she told me that if I ran she would fully support my candidacy. In addition, that very same day I received a call from an officer in the California Libertarian Party who also urged me to run. Thus I have spent some time in the last few days contacting quite a few people whose opinions and practical wisdom I respect, and they have all encouraged me to run. So, since I am close to making a decision, I wanted all of you in our 2 Paragraphs Family to consider this possibility as well and respond to me with your thoughts. I have said for years that it is our government, and if it isn’t working we have no one to blame but ourselves. Well, I guess, now may be the time to put that thought into action.

As you may know, people who want the recall to be on the ballot have until March 17 to turn in the required 1.5 million valid signatures on recall petitions. They are said to have collected about 1.6 million already, but they are aiming for 2 million just to be sure they have enough valid signatures. Then if the required number is submitted, there will be a recall election sometime probably in late October. The first issue on the ballot will be: shall Governor Newsom be recalled, Yes or No? If there are not a majority of Yes votes, that ends the process. But if there is a majority, then Newsom will be out and not qualified to run and virtually anyone in California can sign papers and be on the second phase of the ballot to run for Governor. Under this procedure, since there will not be a run-off election, the person who receives the most votes will win. That means that, unless some wealthy person comes forward who has great name recognition, like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 2003 recall election, it could be that if I receive 15 to 18 percent of the votes, I could win! But, since I will not have the tens of millions of dollars that some candidates will have, I will need your support for that to happen. May I have that support? Will you forward my messages on to your social media acquaintances? Will you lobby your friends here in California to vote for Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) for Governor? I simply cannot do this without your assistance. My bio is attached, as are a list of some of the issues that are important to me. In addition, please visit my website at www.JudgeJimGray.com, as well as the website for our www.Pro-JectUnderstanding.com, and ask others to do the same. These sites will answer many questions about my background, views and involvements. I am excited about this possible campaign, and I hope that you are as well. Please let me know.

Quote for the week: “People have every right to disagree, but they have no right to be disagreeable.” Judge William P. Gray (My wonderful Father)


Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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