We Libertarians have made a huge mistake in that we have allowed other people to label us. As a result, most of the times when people hear that word they automatically think of such things as “Survival of the Fittest,” “No Government at All,” “Free Use of Drugs,” “Greed is Good!” “Kooks” and “Totally Open Borders.” Although all political parties have their characters and absolutists, to a major degree these labels are simply not accurate. Yes, Libertarian writer Ayn Rand found it had some impact to write in her novels that “Greed is Good,” but by that she was only saying that people acting in their own economic self-interest (i.e. being greedy) resulted in enormous benefits in the providing of quality goods and services in the marketplace for us all. Nevertheless, for the most part, Libertarians are the only political party in the mainstream of American political thought today. Why? Because Libertarians believe in responsibility at ALL levels of society, including personal, group, corporate AND governmental. And even beyond that, Libertarians are virtually the only people who do not want to profit due to their involvement in government. Other political parties pay a great deal of our tax money to their various cronies, although they mostly choose different cronies. But the fact remains that only Libertarians would shrink the size of government, as well as its costs, and allow more people to spend their own money as they choose.

So what would a Libertarian government look like? Who are some well-known Libertarians from our past? Who would be the winners and the losers in a Libertarian system? I have drafted what I call “One Man’s Libertarian Whitepaper” which addresses all of these questions and more. A copy is attached (for your reading pleasure). Obviously, neither I nor anyone else “have all of the answers,” but this is my attempt to stimulate a discussion on these important issues. So please review the enclosed essay and share it with others. And, as always, feedback is strongly appreciated! I’ll bet you are more Libertarian than you thought.

Thought for the week: “Cows have hooves because they lactose.” (Oh well!)

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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