As you know, three out of the four last editions of our 2 Paragraphs series discussed allegations of abuse in prison systems all around our nation. And, candidly, some of my comments have received some pushback. Of course, whether the allegations that have been raised are true or not, I do not know. But we owe it to who we are to ensure that any such allegations be investigated and, if found to be serious and true, have a system that provides a remedy. But, please let me not be misunderstood! I deeply believe that our criminal justice system in general is as good as any in the world! Of course life is complicated, problems can and do occur and injustices perpetrated. But, based upon both my personal involvements, readings and observations, to a large degree justice is being done countrywide! And I am proud of us for that! How do I say that? Of critical importance, we mostly still have an independent judiciary that has the desire and power to keep wrongs from happening, or to provide remedies if and when they do! And within that judiciary there are sizeable abilities to appeal to a higher court by any parties who still believe they have been wronged. Furthermore, this means that not only will attorneys be able to pursue corrections to perceived injustices, but the eyes of trial court judges as well as their staff attorneys will also look into and consider them, as will multiple judges and teams of law clerks in an appeal. In addition, even after appeals have been pursued, we still have liberal provisions under our federal laws for what are called writs of habeas corpus. This means that people who feel aggrieved may petition the federal courts to intercede with new orders to correct injustices in the state proceedings if or when they are found. And if those initial writs are not successful, those writs may also be appealed – as a matter of right.

So all of these procedures are designed to bring the transparency that I have been lobbying for. I have advocated for all correctional officers to wear body cameras while on duty, and many of those requirements are already in place. (Although I have also heard many allegations that those rules are often flaunted.) And I have also advocated for the mainstream media to have full access to all of our country’s jails and prisons. But I have been rightly criticized for not having asked members of the media if they have ever requested and been denied that access. So I agree that this was shortsighted of me.) In no way am I withdrawing my recommendations or comments, but I do not want to give the impression that I don’t believe the system works because mostly it does. It’s just that it can always be made to work better! So be proud, but also please continue to help us try to make it as truly good as it can and should be!

A Final Five More Reasons Why English is Weird:

  • Minute and minute should not be spelled the same way.
  • I’m not content with the content.
  • I need to read what I read again.
  • Excuse me, but there is no excuse for this.
  • Someone should wind this post up and throw it into the wind.
  • Others: “walk and wok,” “ball and bawl,” and “bacon and bakin’,” and that’s not even getting into “to, two and too,” or even into wearing a tutu . . . .

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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