There is an old saying that politicians don’t care about the future, they only care about the next election. And the dire financial irresponsibility we have seen for the last decade by so many of our governments proves that this is largely true. Considering the financial obligations that government retirement programs have for their employees, most local governments are bankrupt right now – and little is being said or done about it. And now the federal government debt is above 100 percent of our yearly gross domestic product! This means that probably the only result in sight is even more radical inflation. My wife and I will be okay financially, and probably so will most of you who are in our 2 Paragraphs Family, but many of our children are in financial trouble, and probably all of our grandchildren are virtually bankrupt.

So what can be done? We must treat these issues more seriously and consider them in how we vote in all upcoming elections. We must only vote for people who will reduce government spending. Similarly we must only vote for people who will stand up to the public employee’s unions and change the way the retirement programs are structured for all new employees. Make them just like the 401-K programs are for most private companies where both the employee and their employer pay as they go – with no more postponed obligations. And also only vote for people who will designate where the funding will come from for all expenditures at the same time they vote for the expenditures themselves. Most people have learned that living on credit card debt in their personal lives is probably the most expensive and irresponsible way to live – and that is also true for governments. And the time to end this financial irresponsibility is now – and the ones who are responsible for doing it is We the People! Now!

Thought for the week: I am now writing a book about all of the things I should be doing in my life. It will be an Oughtobiography…

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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