There is a movement afoot to pass what is called the National Popular Vote bill which would be an action by the various state legislatures to do away with the Electoral College and instead elect as president the candidate who wins the most votes nationwide. The rationale, as stated in the promotional material, is that “Joe Biden won last year’s election by more than four percent and seven million votes – but because of the way the Electoral College currently works, a swing of just 25,000 or so votes in a handful of states would have handed the election to Donald Trump.”

But our great nation’s Founders knew what they were doing when they instituted the Electoral College’s system. Why? Because it allows smaller states to have some influence in national elections. Otherwise, if a president won simply by getting the most popular votes nationwide, virtually all candidates would only campaign in places like New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Chicago, etc. and none would likely go to small states like Delaware, Montana, Alaska and New Mexico – thus depriving them of involvement as to who would be their president. In other words, they would be seen as “fly-over states.”

At the 1787 Convention there was a great deal of debating, bickering and arguing about this issue. This was the compromise that the Founders made, and to me it not only makes great sense it has served us well for more than 230 years. And the more you think about it, I believe the more it will make sense to you as well. And, by the way, if Article II, Section I of the Constitution is going to be changed, it should be through a Constitutional amendment, and not by way of this unconstitutional end-around! So please spread the word, and do what you can to defeat this measure. Otherwise the law of unintended consequences will almost certainly prevail.

Thought for the week: Humpty Dumpty had a bad Summer, and then he had a great Fall!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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