Of course there is a place for government in a vibrant society, but there is also a critical place for the Free Enterprise System!  Want evidence?  Please give a look at the enclosed five-minute video showing an Amazon distribution center which uses robots that increase reliability and reduce costs.  It is truly amazing, and only the Free Enterprise System could have put it together.  These incredible accomplishments literally only come from places where there is an incentive for private people and companies to profit from their labors.  (Yes, Incentives Matter!)  Notice that the communist system in the former Soviet Union never exported any products that were an international success(except vodka), and even the same type of system in China is only good at poaching Intellectual Property and successful products from Free Enterprise countries.  So there is a critical lesson to be learned from this!  In fact, looking back over time to some truly revolutionary changes, it was the private sector that took some government funding in the1970s to create computer chips and the ARPANET system, and turn them into today’s computers and the Internet.  (The government never could have been this successful.)  Yes, government sponsored the successful Apollo program, but have you noticed that Space Ex has put satellites into space at only about one-eighth of the cost.  Why?  Because the government’s Apollo projects were on a “cost plus” basis, so the higher the costs, the more money the contractors made.  (Incentives again, but that’s government for you. . .)


Looking into the future, it is similarly likely that the Free Enterprise System will create a system of robots that will be utilized to serve mankind in unbelievable and inexpensive ways.  And, a bit further out, our systems of utilizing incentives will take some government funding to build a system of solar panels in outer space that can convert sunlight 24 hours per day into microwaves which will be beamed back to earth and re-converted into electricity, and turn this into a new global system to produce electricity.  This will not only provide a system of much less expensive energy, it will also help the environment by significantly taking us away from the burning of fossil fuels.  And, since our system of incentives consistently out-produces any other system, the United States will most likely control the sale of this new less expensive and less environmentally harmful electric generation system.  So let’s continue to spread the word – and be proud of the fact – that the Free Enterprise System works, and governmental socialistic interventions into the marketplace do not.   Our future, and that of the world, is at stake!


Approach for the week:  I recently heard a marital counselor say that married men should treat their wives just like they did on their first date.  So after dinner tonight I’m going to drop my wife back at her parents’ place. .

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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