Let me be clear from the outset: I strongly believe it is a good idea to be vaccinated against the COVID virus, to the degree that both my wife and I have received three of them. That is not the issue. BUT, it is totally wrong – and Un-American – for any one person in our country to dictate that private businesses must require their employees to be vaccinated or wear masks. Of course, private businesses can make those determinations themselves, but it is not within any government’s jurisdiction to decree anything of the sort. We do not have a king in this country, although in the last decades we certainly seem to be getting closer. But this must stop!

      This is basic to who and what we are as a country! To quote Ms. Whitney Bilyeu, the new Chair of the Libertarian National Committee: “Instead of offering solutions centered around innovation in healthcare, or empowering local governments to determine what health policies work best for their communities, we witnessed a shocking assault on privately-owned businesses, a weaponization of government agencies, and an all-out attack on our most precious rights as individuals.” She is right. Remember that it is our government, and if it isn’t working we have no one to blame but ourselves. Thus I will state bluntly that it is our obligation to defy any “orders” from anyone in the federal government specifying that private companies or private individuals in private locations must obtain vaccinations or wear masks! President Biden said that this issue “is not about freedom or personal choice,” but he is wrong! And each one of us must fight back against these grossly invasive and violative mandates that threaten our most basic and sacred Constitutional Rights! In this We the People must be United!

      Question for the week: Did you ever wonder why the person whom you trust to manage your investments is called a broker?”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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