There is something quite straightforward and inexpensive that governments could do that would quickly result in cleaner air, better gas mileage and reduced time getting from here to there. So it would be a Win for Everybody. What is that? Synchronize our traffic signals. Back in 1957 when my family was on a trip to New York City we all noticed that our taxicab wouldn’t even slow down as it approached a red traffic light, and the light would turn green just as we approached the intersection. When my father asked how that could be, the driver responded that the traffic signals were set to allow a car to travel at 30 miles per hour without stopping. If they could do this more than 60 years ago, why cannot we do it now?!

Of course not all streets could be on this program because there are cross streets to contend with. And pedestrians always cause some extra problems because some can be slow crossing the streets. But some streets could be so programmed, and publicized so that all drivers would know which were and which were not on the program. And, while we are at it, why not change the program that stops cross traffic for cars that have already turned right on a red light? I propose that those signals not be activated for ten seconds. So if the car turns right within that ten seconds after stopping for a red light, the traffic lights would not change for the cross traffic. None of these things would not be hard to implement, and think of the beneficial effects on air pollution, gas mileage and time saved behind the wheel? Anyone want to win?

Conversation for the week: Husband: “This crazy newspaper is only half the size it used to be.” Wife: “Of course dear, they used to publish both sides of a story.”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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