“JANUARY 6, 2021: WHAT NOW?”


Probably all people who care about the United States of America, both foreign and domestic, share my shock that our Capitol Building was stormed by a mob, which caused Congress not only to stop its business but also the members and their staffs to be evacuated! This is beyond outrageous! So what now? The following are my predictions and suggestions:

1. Joe Biden will be our new President, his inauguration will be peaceful and President Trump will not be removed from office except in the normal course by Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

2. President Biden will make comments in his inaugural address that will make progress in consoling and unifying all Americans.

3. President Biden should immediately announce the formation of a neutral commission comprised of highly-regarded men and women, including a retired and well-respected judge to lead it. Then this commission should fully investigate and report back publicly to “We the People” as to cause of and responsibility for the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6. Was it organized? If so, by whom? Why were the police so unprepared? Did it matter that the rioters were mainly Caucasian instead of People of Color? Should the actions be called an attempted coup, or “just” a protest run wild?

4. President Biden should also appoint a second similar commission to investigate and report back regarding any and all claims of fraud or irregularities in this past election. As this is done, it should be made clear that even if there happened even to have been significant fraud, which I deeply doubt, that will have no impact upon Mr. Biden continuing to be President. But all Americans simply must be able to have complete faith in our election system and, since many people today do not, this issue must be openly and fully explored and then put to rest.

5. Even though it has been responsible for many good things this past four years, rightly or wrongly the Trump Administration legacy for the rest of time will be defined by January 6, 2021. Thus Trump will no longer be a political force in our country. In addition, what happened on January 6 will directly cause President Trump’s empire to shrink and eventually either away. And all of this will probably cause President Donald J. Trump when he is on his deathbed to look back over his life and wish he had never gotten into politics.

The United States of America is a strong, principled and resilient force, so we will certainly get through this ordeal. But this positive emergence will be strongly facilitated by the investigations and reports that are recommended above in this column so that we all can put this dreadful day behind us! May it be so! And, otherwise, Happy New Year!

Question for the Week: What word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

Answer: The word “short”.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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