Probably the largest threat to the security and Liberty of the People of the United States of America is our country’s deficit! So why are the candidates not even talking about it?! The national debt now is well over $23 trillion, and both Congress and the President are continuing to talk about printing more money in this pandemic and handing it out to even more people and organizations. But what that really means is that they are attempting to buy our votes with our own money. Shame on them! (And shame on many of us for falling for it!)

            The only political party that discusses the critically important issue of the deficit is the Libertarian Party. We are also the only political party that stands for bringing back competition to our healthcare and education systems! The other political parties only pander to the powers that be, which are the administrators of the increasingly socialist healthcare system and groups like the teachers’ unions. As a result, the Libertarian Party is the only one who is shown to care about our children, who will be saddled with our debts and who are now too often saddled with inferior schools. And we are also the only political party that cares about the sick and elderly, who are increasingly saddled with a healthcare system that is being run by the equivalent of the department of motor vehicles. So in the upcoming elections, please give some serious consideration to supporting and voting for candidates from the Libertarian Party, from the President on down. Voting for a candidate instead of against the other candidate is much more satisfying! And smart! And responsible!

Church Billboard: ”Prophecy Class Cancelled due to Unforeseen Circumstances.”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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