Last Friday I filed my notice of running for the nomination by the Libertarian Party as it’s candidate for President of the United States. Today’s atmosphere of polarization, name-calling and tribalism is simply unacceptable to me, and I anticipate it is to you as well, so we simply must have another choice in addition to Donald Trump or Joe Biden. What follows below is the announcement I am sending to the voting delegates of the Libertarian Party. I would appreciate all of your comments, reactions and support during the coming months because, together, we can Unite America by representing all of the people! So here it is:

Hello, my name is Judge Jim Gray, and I am seeking the nomination as the Libertarian candidate for President, along with our friend and Libertarian stalwart Larry Sharpe from New York as my running mate for Vice President. I am proud of my background as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica, because I care about people; a Navy JAG officer, because I care about our military and our security; a federal prosecutor in Los Angeles , who knows that all prosecutors in the name of “We the People” should always do the right thing for the right reason; and a trial court judge for 25 years, where I put my professional future at risk by holding a press conference back in 1992 emphasizing the reality that our nation’s policy of Drug Prohibition simply was not working.

I’m sure you agree with me that Big Government is really good at one thing, and that is increasing the size, cost and power of Big Government. That must be reversed. I also expect that you agree that our federal government recently simply failed us by not being prepared for emergencies. Yes, they don’t know when or where disasters might strike, such as earthquakes, hurricanes or pandemics, but it is their obligation previously to have made plans and have them in place when those disasters strike. If the government hasn’t planned, then it is too late when the disasters occur. Instead the government’s response was to shut down the economy. But they did this without considering the additional disasters that will be inflicted upon us all by often unnecessarily closing probably hundreds of thousands of businesses, many which will never open again, and putting tens of millions of people out of work! And we all will feel those government-inflicted damages for many years to come!

To “remedy” these problems the government did something that it does best, which was to throw a great amount of money – $2.2 Trillion – at some businesses and people, while often arbitrarily leaving others out in the cold. (For example, the Kennedy Center received about $15 million. Why? “Because it was hurt by being shut down!” But what about the other theaters all across the country that were hurt as well? Nothing for them! And, of course, these payments added greatly to our national deficit, which is the largest security threat to our country, as well as the economic future of our children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren who will have to pay it back! Libertarians are the only political party that speaks out consistently and forcibly on this critical issue.

Furthermore, we must follow our Constitution and our laws by requiring a Declaration of War from Congress before authorizing our troops to be in combat for more than 60 days. (At this point, what really are the goals our troops are fighting for in Afghanistan?), and let’s also bring competition back to our healthcare system, which will reduce costs and increase services, as well as our educational system, which will bring back excellence to many schools that today are failing our children!

Long ago Thomas Jefferson said that “We should have a bloody revolution every generation to keep the vested interests at bay.” Fortunately, our Constitution keeps the revolution from being bloody, but when was the last political revolution? Probably in the early 1860s when the Republicans took over from the Whigs. And look at how entrenched those vested interests have become since that time.

You can help! Please visit www.GraySharpe2020.com

Join us! Support us! Together we will be that revolution!

We Pledge Allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America!

And all along the way, we will do you proud!

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Judge Jim Gray (Ret.) Superior Court of Orange County, California 2012 Libertarian Candidate for Vice President

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