It has clinically been shown numerous times that brushing our teeth after every meal enhances our health. Thus society would benefit if all of us would consistently do that, not to mention the cost savings to governmental programs like Social Security, Medicare and MediCal. So how about Congress passing a law mandating this “Good Health Measure” for all of us! Of course, we cannot have an effective law unless some sanctions are attached for non-compliance, so Congress should also create an enforcement agency. Naturally, of course, the enforcement police would also need to have surveillance capability, because voluntary reporting would truly be suspect and ineffective. Nevertheless, due to the substantial “benefits” that would accrue, the costs and intrusions would be justified – and, as long as we are law-abiding and brush our teeth regularly, what do we have to fear?
Is this a good idea? No! But do you understand that this is the literal basis for many of our laws in today’s Nanny State? If so, where are the protests? Naturally the above proposal would have many nuances and complications. For example, must we use toothpaste with fluoride? What type of toothbrush is “acceptable?” Does simply eating a banana at lunchtime constitute a “meal” that would require brushing? etc., etc. and etc.! But since the intentions are good, we will simply have to abide with the problems. And think of the other possibilities: Eat your Greens! Purchase Healthcare Insurance! Be an “educated” voter (i.e. vote for the candidates and issues favored by the current government then in power)! Of course, all of these things are important, but they can best be accomplished by private programs of education and taking responsibility for one’s own actions and health – i.e. employing Libertarian Values! And, just like our great country’s Founders were, we should always be hugely cautious of allowing governmental encroachments into our Liberties! To them that was the most important function of government! (The second was keeping us safe!) So, yes, we should brush our teeth, but we should also keep the government out of our bathrooms!
Lexophile for the Week: “Our mountains aren’t just funny, they’re Hill Areas!” (Oh well. . .)

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President

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