A Voter’s Handbook

Effective Solution To America’s Problems

Over the years, special interests and mismanagement have driven the federal and state governments completely off the track. Once prosperous and flourishing, many American states today are insolvent, dysfunctional and ungovernable.

Now, based upon his experiences as a veteran trial court judge, his solid Libertarian principles and his observations on the election process based upon his personal involvement, Judge James P. Gray (Ret.) presents a number of effective solutions for some of America’s most pressing problems.

Judge Gray addresses bedrock principles that made America great in the first place and suggests specific changes in our nation’s governmental, tax and energy systems. He also shows how we would be safer, healthier, better educated and more successful by implementing specific changes in our systems of Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Education and Immigration.

The suggestions made by Judge Gray are straightforward and workable. Democracy is a participatory exercise, and the best way to turn our governments around is to heed Judge Gray’s Call to Action.



This provocative and perceptive book should be required reading for all of our public servants.
Jim Doti, President, Chapman University

An informed electorate is essential to preserving liberty. Jim Gray’s book stands out for its clear and insightful discussion of key issues confronting America.
Manny Klausner, Co-Founding Editor, Reason Magazine

We must get copies of this book in the hands of our candidates as quickly as possible.
Kevin Takenaga, Chairman, Libertarian Party Of California

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