As some of you are aware, for the last 18 weeks I have hosted a radio podcast show on the VoiceAmerica Network entitled “All Rise!  The Libertarian Way with Judge Jim Gray.”   It is broadcast every Friday morning at 7 Pacific/10 Eastern, and also available around the world.  Except for the introductory show, I have always interviewed a guest during this hour-long show about timely issues that give my audience some insightful information.  The subjects so far have included School Choice with the Executive Director of EdChoice; our Medical Care system, with Dr. Clarke Smith, who is a long-time practicing medical general practitioner; the Death Penalty with Mike Farrell, who played BJ Hunnicut on MASH; tips about how to be a great administrator from former Chapman University President Jim Doti; Judge Mary Kreber, who discusses the successes achieved in Homeless, Veteran’s and Drug Courts; a former public defender, who discussed successful ways both of reducing crime as well as the misery that often accompanies it; as well as the executive directors of the Libertarian Party, the Reason Foundation, Institute for Justice and Students for Liberty.

Each of these episodes has been exciting, and has shown how employing the Libertarian values of “Live and Let Live;” social and financial responsibility at all levels of society, including personal, group, corporate and governmental; the Free Enterprise System combined with the enforcement of legal contracts and warranties; and Liberty as well as Equal Opportunity for All allow us to “All Rise” together.  More specific information about past shows and how to tune in is set forth below.  So please join us, consider the excitement contained in some good things that are happening in our world, and share those thoughts with your friends and family.  One easy and productive way to listen is to tune in on  your cell phone while you are driving.

Thank you for your consideration!  Life is Good!

Judge Jim Gray
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