Liberty And The Free Market


There is a store in Westminster, California that provides really good hour-long massages for $25.  But for many years I have purchased from them a book of coupons for ten massages for the price of nine.  Here, of course, the buyer and seller have the Liberty to make this deal or not.  So let’s ask some questions about why both of us would benefit from this deal in which I am paying and they are receiving $2.50 less for each massage.

Here are the questions :
* Why would I want to continue to make this deal?
* Lower price for each massage; and I’m getting a deal so I will probably get to enjoy more massages.
* Why would the store want to continue this deal?
* They receive my money up front, so they will have the use of my money earlier;
* They will most likely sell more massages, thus generating greater revenue;
* Logically some coupons will never be redeemed, thus providing them free money; and it is likely that this deal will generate more favorable “word of mouth” advertising.
* How do we know that this deal is working for all involved? Because if it didn’t work, the parties would exercise their Liberty to discontinue the practice.
* Do you believe that your children and grandchildren understand this fundamental lesson in Free Market consensual transactions? If they don’t, are you going to fix the problem?

** Here is a quote from the late actress Zsa Zsa Gabon in regards to the question:
“What is your profession?” to which she replied “Housekeeper. I have been married and divorced seven times, and after each time I have kept the house.”

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President