Liberty Is A Beautiful Thing


Recently my wonderful sister sent me a message entitled “When God Shows Off,” which follows below.  I think you will agree that it contains pictures of some truly beautiful creatures.  But in many ways Liberty is just as beautiful and, as the prior 106 editions of this “2 Paragraphs” have tried to demonstrate, achieves far better results than government can in so many things like education, healthcare and the economy in general.  In that regard, Milton Friedman was right: If you think that government can best raise the standard of people’s lives, where have these so-called “Angels of Government” been so far?  And why do we think they will materialize in the future?  Generally, individuals are much better positioned to promote their own interests and welfare than is the government, which is simply made up of other people with their own biases and political goals.

So all of this reminds me of the story in which a farmer put up a fence in an attempt to keep birds from eating the apricots on his trees.  There was nothing wrong with the fence, it simply was the wrong remedy.  Most often the Conservative remedy in that situation would be to put up a sign saying “No Trespassing, and All Violators will be Punished!”  Liberals would respond instead by saying that birds have to eat too, so let them have their fair share.  But Liberty would encourage the farmer to pick his crop earlier, and then let the apricots ripen on their way to market.  Which remedy do you believe is more effective for society?  I vote for Liberty!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President