The Liberty To Move Forward


 Several things to celebrate.  First, this is the 100th edition of our “2 Paragraphs 4 Liberty,” and I thank you for your interest in stimulating and promoting thought and discussion on the issues of our day.  That is the express goal of this series, and every time I get feedback and hear that recipients have forwarded these articles on to more people, I feel that our goal is being realized.  Second, this is a New Year, and it will certainly be an interesting one.  But throughout all of the recent elections and commentaries I continue to be reminded that, in a republic like ours, we get the government we deserve.  So it is genuinely our responsibility to keep our hands on the reins of government by continuing to be engaged.

                With those thoughts in mind, we must decide how best to move forward.  Should we protest new developments where the old and outdated businesses and interests are being threatened?  Or should we face change (and reality), and actually embrace it?  Yes, technology, computers and robots are causing lost jobs, but automation also brings new and often more interesting jobs.  So far computers still need maintenance, and still do not have social skills.  In fact they need armies of support staff and technicians.  Foreign trade does take away some jobs, but it also creates and sustains others.  (Plus it provides consumers with lower cost and higher quality goods.)  And we will always need creative people in all phases of our lives, including work in medicine, the arts and personal assistance for our aging population, not to mention work with three-dimensional printing and aeroponic food production.  All of these results are consistent with Liberty (as well as reality).  So as we begin this interesting new year, let’s all resolve to embrace the changes and new challenges that will certainly come with it. Life is Good!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President