Reason Foundation’s Stand for Liberty


People who believe in Liberty should be aware and proud of the Reason Foundation.  Here is how it describes its mission:  “Over the last fifty years, global trade, technological innovation, and capitalism have lifted more than a billion people out of poverty.  Consider what that means.  It means that a poor person in Africa with a cheap cell phone and Internet access can exploit vast amounts of knowledge.  It means that the odds of dying violently at the hand of another man have never been lower.  It means that people around the globe have access to food, clean water, and a greater standard of living than the generations that preceded them.  These changes have come about because of the libertarian principles of individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law.  At Reason Foundation, we advance these principles using journalism and public policy research to influence the frameworks and actions of journalists, policy makers, and opinion leaders.  As we enter the presidency of Donald Trump, our challenge remains the same: to develop, apply, and communicate libertarian principles to a growing and influential audience.”

I also just read an advertisement by Deloitte, which stressed that “The key to good government: Treat citizens like consumers. . . .  As long as government requires businesses to get licenses and permits, pass inspections, pay fees, and comply with other regulations, it’s in government’s interest to help make those transactions as painless as possible.”  In a different way, that is what Reason is saying.  We citizens are the consumers of government.  So government should be asking, “Who are we?  How do we behave?  And what do we want?”  Individual liberty, free markets, free trade and the rule of law have delivered those billion people out of poverty, and brought wealth to billions more.  That is what consumers want.  So please spread the word, because what the Reason Foundation does matters.  For example, as he started reading about the results of this philosophy in Reason magazine, John Stossel started seeing life differently, saying: “Suddenly, I saw the wonderful things that happen when government leaves us alone.”  In the coming year and beyond, Reason Foundation deserves our help as it promotes our principles of Liberty.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President