Partisanships Threat to the Processes of Government


                Last time I looked, Barack Obama is the current President of the United States.  Candidly, I am not a fan of President Obama, and I certainly never voted for him.  But it is the task – if not the Constitutional duty – of a president to submit nominations to the U.S. Senate for federal judicial vacancies.  And it is the Senate’s Constitutional duty to receive and vote upon them based upon merit judicial temperament and judicial philosophy.  I agree that it is not expressly written that the Senate must hold hearings and vote in a timely fashion, but I feel strongly that this can and should be inferred by the express duties that are set forth.  Thus for the “leaders” in the Senate to say in advance that they will not even consider any of the President’s nominees for the vacancy left by the death of Justice Scalia – without even knowing who that nominee will be – is a direct abdication of the Senate’s duty!

                Without question, under these political circumstances it is hugely important to our country’s future who will fill that vacancy.  But we have government processes provided by the Constitution, and refusing to follow them – or simply ignoring them – is a direct and fundamental threat to our basic form of government.  Thus Liberty and Responsible Government demand that those processes be honored – even if that might result in some political reversals for some points of view.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President