Gratitude for Liberty—And Each Other


I am elated to tell you that there is a budding movement that will be spreading the country called the Grat Network.  This is an internet connection where anyone can register a “gratitude vote” for someone else who has beneficially affected that person.  Watch for it – soon.  It is an increasingly proven fact that people who feel and express gratitude to others for kindnesses, leadership, friendship, etc. are much happier, and even live longer.  In fact, in that regard, please watch this clip:

I think they are right!  Here is the specific Grat message: “We are a new kind of a media platform company, launching our inaugural product in early 2016. When we say “new” we really mean “new”. Never before has there been a media company that exclusively connects people, places, things and ideas through gratitude. We have a feeling that gratitude will connect every single one of us, seven billion plus and growing, in a more mutually positive, meaningful way. Thank you for tuning in. We #grät you!”

But advantages for the person showing gratitude are really not the reason for the act.  The reward is received in the expression of gratitude itself.  Feel it – often.  Of course, Liberty means free choice, so no one forces us to express gratitude to others.  But adopting an attitude of gratitude is a reward in itself.  We are all so blessed to have had such a support system and to have received assistance from so many different and varied sources throughout our lives.  Have you expressed gratitude to those who have helped you?  Loved you?  Supported you?  Don’t be embarrassed to show gratitude! 

We even have a dance that expresses it. 

What is that dance? 

Oh the Blessings of Liberty!  Life is Good!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President