Liberty Freely to Publish


Recently my wife and I saw two movies: “Spotlight” and “Concussion.” Both are hard-hitting movies that focus upon perceived large-scale damages being perpetrated upon many people by two large and powerful institutions: the Catholic Church and the National Football League. Whether the facts depicted in these movies are true, recklessly false or true-but-exaggerated I leave to your conclusions and our various laws covering libel and defamation. But the ability for movie makers – or any of us – freely to publish arguments like these is fundamental to Liberty.

As you probably know, the first of these movies alleges a wide-ranging cover-up by the Catholic Church in Boston of its priests’ sexual molestations of children. The second alleges a cover-up by the NFL of the fact that repeated head-to-head collisions by its football players cause brain trauma resulting in predictably bazaar behavior, homelessness and suicide. And it speaks well for our society that even these two powerful and even cherished institutions were not able to smother or curtail these exposes. Liberty means being able to place minority and even disfavored views and claims into the open marketplace so that they can be heard and scrutinized by the voting and consuming public. To which freedom-minded people everywhere should shout: Hear! Hear!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President