The Devolution of Liberty


Recently I contacted two prescription lens companies to provide me with some new contact lenses.  I believe my present corrected eyesight is fine, both for reading and distances, so simply asked to have my new contacts made from my former subscription.  But I was told by both of them that they could not do that without my getting a new eye examination, because California law did not permit them to make new lenses from prescriptions that are more than a year old.

Who would have sponsored such a law?  Rather plainly, it would have been sponsored by those who provide eye examinations.  This is not a health or a safety issue.  The last time my eyes were checked, the doctor told me my prescription had not really changed.  So if I want to take the (small) risk of having somewhat poorer vision by using an older prescription, that is – or at least should be – my choice.  But this law is not to protect consumers, it is another example of crony capitalism that uses public laws to increase revenue for those favored organizations.  In other words, this is another example of the Devolution of our Liberty.  How many other examples in today’s world are you aware of?  The ridiculous prices for some prescription drugs come to mind.  (And, of course, how many examples are you not aware of?)  But presently there are about 1,760 lobbyists in Sacramento, and most are there to promote similar laws of cronyism and favoritism for their sponsors.  How can this be changed?  We will never get money out of government until we get government out of money!  Liberty means that consumers should be able to make their own choices about how and under what circumstances to spend their money.  And that means that I should have the right to have glasses of the prescription of my choice, not the one the government decides that I should have.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)
2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President, along with
Governor Gary Johnson as the candidate for President