Reflections of the Fourth of July


Every Fourth of July we appropriately waive flags, eat barbecue, see fireworks and otherwise have a good time with our friends and family. But the signers of our Declaration of Independence which we now celebrate placed everything they had on the line, including their property and even their lives. Why? Because they sought their Rights and Liberties as Englishmen, and those rights were that important.

Now we are giving those rights away to our government with barely a fuss, and our Founding Fathers would literally damn us for doing so. Like sheep we have in many ways been giving up our economic and religious rights, as well as our rights to be free from government search and seizure of our property and our persons based in large part on the so-called War on Drugs and War on Terror. People who have come to live in America from countries like Russia, Romania, Iran and China so that they could escape those governments’ intrusions into their liberties are horrified to see that our government is now going in the same direction as their former governments! So all of us should care and be more aware and active. It is so easy to give up our liberties to the government, and so truly difficult ever to get them back. Ask our Founding Fathers!

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)