Liberty and Healthcare


When I was growing up in the 1950s and middle 60s, it was not even a topic of conversation that people could not get quality healthcare for reasonable and competitive prices. And we had all of the Emergency Rooms we needed. But that is obviously not true today. Why? Because in the middle 1960s the government began its significant intrusions into the healthcare area, and with every increase, the system has demonstrably gotten worse. If you want your healthcare to be overseen by the equivalence of your local department of motor vehicles,that is where we are going.

But today there are two areas in which all of us can still obtain quality healthcare for reasonable and competitive prices. Where? Lasik eye surgery and cosmetic surgery. Why? Because they are not controlled by the government. We all have seen the advertisements: “Come to Dr. Jones. I have done this surgery 10,000 times, and I will give you great results along with an attractive payment plan.” So once again, Liberty for both the consumer and the provider to be able to make their choices independent of government dictates brings the best results. Thus people who can take care of their own healthcare needs should be empowered to have medical savings accounts, which they can use both to pay for their normal healthcare needs, as well as their purchase of catastrophic medical insurance. And those who need some help can be provided with an insurance voucher which they can use on the private market to purchase their own healthcare insurance. Getting the government out of our healthcare and bringing back Liberty of choice will bring back excellence to our healthcare system.

Judge Jim Gray (Ret.)