CARPE DIEM: Who’s Winning the Drug War?

According to Judge Jim Gray, Six Groups Are, Including The Terrorists


Jim Gray, a conservative judge in conservative Orange County, California, is featured in the Reason video above.  Judge Gray came to the following realization as a criminal defense attorney, federal prosecutor and judge, and says that it has to be understood by others:

“The tougher we get with regard to drug crimes, literally, the softer we get with regard to the prosecution of everything else.” He also says that drug prohibition is the “golden goose” of terrorists – one of the 6 groups that are winning from America’s war on drugs.

HT: Mike Carlson

Update: See George Shultz and Paul Volcker’s related editorial in yesterday’s WSJ on why America’s “War on Drugs” has failed, and what to do next.

Author by : Mark J. Perry
Published on : June 12, 2011

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